asylum ; mgc #wattys2016

asylum ; mgc #wattys2016

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If you aren't good with reading explicit and sad things then I suggest you leave this story.


"We're not crazy, we're just different."


"Let's go Braden, it's time for your medication." the skinny lady said.

"No I'm not ready." I yelled.

"You have to okay?" she said. I nodded my head and took the medication from her bony hands. 

I'm Braden Jennings and I'm schizophrenic and sucidal, but people rarely know about the suicidal part, and no im not psycho.

Its just hard for me to tell the difference between whats real and whats not, and to accept myself. They put me in an asylum. By they I mean my so called 'parents'. Cause out of all the six children they had, I turned out to be the worst. I see things that no one else can. 

It's hard for me to focus. My stuck up rich parents disowned me. I've been in here since I was six years old, and now I'm 17. Everything I do is in here. Never went to elementary, middle, or high school. This place is basically my home.

"Michael put the kni...

cutevbean cutevbean Apr 18
Because i can whatever the fûck i want bîtch... I'm punk rock
fakeyouuout fakeyouuout Nov 19
but they are in an asylum too?? I don't really think they are in any position to laugh at Ashton
bassorexic bassorexic Nov 07
okay but aren't they in an asylum too? like hahah he tried to kill himself but what did you do?
Like devilish grin or friendly grin
                              The possibilities are endless
Quiff? What is this 'quiff' u are speaking of?  i dont think it exists anymore hmMMMMmm
How does she know he grinned if she wasn't looking?? Dun dun duuuun.... I'm really sorry