Blackmailed by the bad boy

Blackmailed by the bad boy

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❝ r o s a ❞ By rosyspelt Updated Feb 08

❝Are you blackmailing me, Billard?❞ 

❝Yeah, if that's what you prefer to call it, King.❞ I could feel the irritating, conceited smug forming on his lips just from his voice with mischief lurking on his face. I abruptly looked away before that look of his spread, i swear his exuberance for trouble is a contagion. But before i could strengthen my resolve to be aloof, I had already glanced back. The edge of his upper lip was now pushed up, his mouth parted a centimeter, making it seductive to many but to me the smirk on his pristine face made him appear intimidating. Lord, give me patience or an untraceable handgun. ❝Fine, if you want me in, then forget what you saw that night.❞

❝What night, doll?❞ He feigned confusion, his eyes blazing with devilment. What had i gotten myself into? And as if it wasn't unnerving enough to his arrogant triumph, the conceited smug was back on his lips.

 . . . . .

As if crushing on Dante Ackerman, her player of a best friend, all her life isn't atrocious enough. Adelaide King finds herself being blackmailed by Archie Billard, the school's badboy, into doing whatever he wants after he accidentally saw her confessing her undying love for his arch-enemy.