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Sexting Harry Styles

Sexting Harry Styles

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Promise By promise1207 Updated Jun 27, 2015

•18-year-old teen 
•taking care of her little brother (Blake) 
•her parents died a year ago 
•loves the boy band One Direction 
•Harry is her idol 
•lots of bad things happen to her

What will happen if she gets a chance to interact with Harry Styles himself?

I would really love it if you guys created covers for the book, it would really mean a lot to me. You can send them to me by email or by messaging me. If you do send it by email make sure to leave you wattpad username along with it.

Styles_1000000 Styles_1000000 Jul 31, 2016
You need to cut it like not everybodys perfect we mess up on writing sometimes no need to start hatin
JaneAndJeffBelong JaneAndJeffBelong Jul 05, 2016
Let me show u all how it's done:
                              There....I think I made my point crystal clear
princessnacs princessnacs May 06, 2016
Stalker* I used to write stoker all the time until I noticed my mistake.
daniguill daniguill Mar 22, 2016
my parents are died. why does she have to tell her whole life story AND spell like a kindergartener
bce_lovebirds bce_lovebirds Jul 20, 2016
Thats so me when i either stub my toe.......almost drop something........
NiallIsMyHoe NiallIsMyHoe Mar 05, 2016
                              Yes yes I completely understand