'Way' Beyond Forever {Twilight Fan Fiction}

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**Taking his face in my hands, I stood on my tiptoes and made him lean a bit towards me since he was so damn tall. I touched my forehead against his, watching him as he closed his eyes and focused on his breathing. I expected him to just snap and shift, but instead his eyes opened and I saw the same intensity that I’d seen previously on a very few occasions.
    His hands that were around my waist came up to cup my cheeks as his warm breath fanned my face. His thumb traced my lower lip slowly, making my stomach turn into mush and my heartbeat go erratic. The adoring look that he was directing at me made me weak at the knees. And if it weren't for his arms that were supporting me, I would’ve fallen on my face.
    Our faces, that were already so close, came closer as Seth leaned in to press his nose against mine. I was very aware of his lips that were just a millimeter away from mine. I gulped, my eyes closing on their own accord just as he was about to…**
    Vazanya Smith is a sixteen year old, Twilight crazed teenager. Carefree, fun loving and a prankster, she defines trouble. But, unlike any other teenager, she's a Witch. What happens when she decides to do whatever she's ever dreamt of? Even if that involves entering the very famous book series, the Twilight Saga? In the teenager's weird journey full of humour and surprises, Vazanya will be her usual witchy self, get to know how annoying Edward Cullen really is, and learn the true meaning of life.
this book is pretty good so far. it's nice to meet a fellow Twihard
Omg just started reading your book two days ago and I'm so loving update soon ✌️
oh look it's me your 2000th voter. I think i deserve a cookie. Dont you agree? (/.__.\)
@Viz20RobertFanNatic you're honestly such an amazing writer, I never get bored of re-reading your works. :p
this is really cool!! im a twilight fan also
                                    can i have s soft copy,please?? :))
I absolutely love your writing. I'm so obssesed with this book, that I'm re-reading it from the beginning. The Youtube on my phone sucks, but I'll make sure to check out your videos when I go on the computer. XoXo.