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Wattpad: Cliches & Ridicules.

Wattpad: Cliches & Ridicules.

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WatermelonMint By WatermelonMint Updated Aug 07, 2014

Me just ranting aimlessly about cliches and ridiculous things on Wattpad. And about every other writing site. There are cliches that I hope you can relate to.

DON'T kill me.
JUST writing about stupid stuff I see on Wattpad.
NO hating to anyone.
THERE are beautiful writers on Wattpad and I will not be afraid to list them out.

EVERYONE is a gorgeous gremlin when they choose to be. Right now? I'm that gorgeous gremlin.

nurudelrey nurudelrey Mar 20
Arranged marriage is very real, but almost mainly in 3rd world countries. So yeah, when the author tried to romanticize it or just clearly doesn't know what tf they talking about, it's annoying.
Solution: Finish the chapter with one ship. Then.. Bonus chapters. Just. Not part of the story.
DARKjorne DARKjorne Jun 28
Hmmm.....i only do that in summer (i'am a guy if you wondered)
Horror movie... Teddy bear.... The first thing I thought was Freddy
animebabe15 animebabe15 Mar 16
This is hilarious coming from the person who has spelling errors in her own rant
Well, in a book I'm thinking about making, a boy gets into a car crash at a young age, ending up with him getting blind, and forgetting only a few hours before the incident