Girl on the Screen ✔

Girl on the Screen ✔

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A. H. Alwagdani By AHAlwagdani Completed

*This story contains images for the lot of you to understand me better. These images will serve as proof as well. Do keep in mind that some images are too unsettling so pick your times of reading well. I suggest mornings. Images start from chapter 3 (15/4/2018)*

Henri Miller will be my name throughout this story as I am afraid I'm in danger. Only a few days ago, I had played a video game on the internet going by a name I will not mention for the sake of your sanities but know one thing.

"This game was real and I am asking that you read cautiously as you might get into trouble otherwise."

The name of the game is included at the end for those brave enough to search for it. But promise me that you'll understand what you're headed into.

What you are about to read is a true story from the last year that I had finally mustered up the courage to write. I just hope I don't end up dead soon.

I will write you a max of two or three chapters every week split on Wednesdays and Fridays. I might post more chapters if possible as well.  For the time being, however, don't do anything stupid.