Winchester 3.0 (A Supernatural fanfiction)

Winchester 3.0 (A Supernatural fanfiction)

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beth By skytheangel Updated Mar 13, 2016

Skylar Ward was an ordinary girl living a normal life. Well, that actually depends on your definition of normal.

Skylar has grown up with a mother who claims to not know who her father is. Not only that, she's been acting strange. Skylar was the kind of kid that always asked questions. She noticed things that her mom didn't want to explain.

And like any other teenager, she goes to high school. Though she was kind of the loner type with one friend because everyone sensed something was different about her. Especially when something happened at the wrong time that couldn't be explained.

But what happens when something horrible and unexplainable happens to her mother? Will she finally learn the truth about her father? Will she learn the truth about herself? About her life? Find out in Winchester 3.0.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters affiliated with the CW's Supernatural. Some quotes from the show may be used, but I do not lay claim to them.

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PsychoKiller10 PsychoKiller10 Dec 01, 2016
I thought Skye and Grant when I read this, 
                              Agents Of Shield is love, Agents Of Shield is life
ImNotAskingToBeSaved ImNotAskingToBeSaved Nov 17, 2015
CrystalJewels1223 CrystalJewels1223 Jul 18, 2015
I've read many Winchesters' have a daughter, I hope this will be better than the others I've read. I enjoi the beginning chapter though.
kittycatloves02 kittycatloves02 Jun 13, 2015
This is so Beautiful because Agents of shield is fab and that's my OTP and YASS
FandomFicPie FandomFicPie Feb 02, 2015
I love this intro to the book. It really makes me want to read more.
skytheangel skytheangel Aug 03, 2014
@ilkaytugce Thanks xD I loved that episode... I was like Caaaas my bby