Dirkjake Merstuck

Dirkjake Merstuck

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howdy ya'll By lancesbabygirlmei Updated Sep 05, 2017

"i've never wanted someone so bad," he murmurs, gently cupping the others face.
"don't leave."

he hesitated.


cover art belongs to ikimaru lol

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                              He is royalty?!?!?!!!!!!!!
                              That is so
PuppyCake47STTCarrot PuppyCake47STTCarrot Sep 30, 2017
Heads I go to sleep, tails I keep reading and die of fanboying... TAILS
Fandom-Hell Fandom-Hell Jul 24, 2017
That's not suspicious or important to the story in any way haha
2olluxFuckiingCaptor 2olluxFuckiingCaptor Sep 19, 2016
You don't know what two do now?
                              *Whii2per2* You do hiim
theoxfordcomma1167 theoxfordcomma1167 Jan 02, 2017
                              If Jade, Jake, and Jane are all siblings,
                              Where's John??
PanicAtTheFallOut32 PanicAtTheFallOut32 Nov 15, 2016
Dave get out of this book, this is DirkJake not DaveDaveDaveDaveDaveDa-