Merstuck- Dirkjake

Merstuck- Dirkjake

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TITTES!!!!! By HomestuckTrash Updated Mar 18

"if youre protecting me, then whos protecting you?"


That's a Steven Universe quote, and one of my favorite ones ever. 

cover: ikimaru @ tumblr

I'm Dan, and I hope you like my story! <3

You don't know what two do now?
                              *Whii2per2* You do hiim
Wait wait wait
                              He has ORANGE eyes
                              Like the fruit and color
                              I LOVE tangerines :T
Go home home your pregant!
                              You mean drunk? 
                              No! Pregnant! Just look at how fat you iiiiiiissss~
It's like that video on YouTube where Dirk and Jake go on their date and Dirk screws up majorly
                              Some of you know
addersUmbra addersUmbra Apr 15
Alternate ending: Dirk doesn't notice and Jake pulls his tail
FATHERcolab FATHERcolab May 03
When you kawaii to much , enter kawaii drive overload.  DdtdgffvfdirksuckSdickbgvhvfdfcxtv