•Agent Turned Avenger• (SHIELD/Avengers Fan Fiction)

•Agent Turned Avenger• (SHIELD/Avengers Fan Fiction)

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<3 Kacey <3 By Big_turd_blossom Completed

Meet Dakota Sage. She's a level 10 SHIELD espionage and retrieval specialist, along with being one of the most important agents in the world. She's been on numerous black ops, covert ops, and undercover missions. Agent Sage once went four years under deep cover. She's better than the Black Widow herself. 

Sage went to both parts of the SHIELD Academy;  the Academy of Operations, and the Academy of Science and Operations. 

But she's also the adopted daughter of Director Nick Fury.... 

Sage claims she works at her best on her own. 

What happens when she's called to join the Avengers to fight in the battle of New York? Will she except being on a team? Or will BIG secrets be revealed? Secrets that could alter Sage's life?

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Skycatbow Skycatbow Dec 03, 2017
I spit out my tea again for like 100th time I just have to be drinking my tea at these types of parts
KamrynMeeks KamrynMeeks Feb 04
LavaLikes LavaLikes Jun 06, 2017
                              I can tell this fanfict is gonna get really interesting....
Magnetgirl11511 Magnetgirl11511 Jan 29, 2017
well ok grandfather was his best friend and now her grandfather is a brainwashed super soldier
flatbuttzay1 flatbuttzay1 Oct 06, 2016
I Thought he said KORRA instead of KOTA
                              but then I blinked and I saw KOTA
Maybell21 Maybell21 Nov 03, 2016
Well then 
                              Anyone want Ice cream Its going to be a long night