Olivia Coulson 《 Avengers/Steve Rogers

Olivia Coulson 《 Avengers/Steve Rogers

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Megan By DerekHale_girl Updated Feb 27, 2016

"Not everything is black and white now, Cap" I told him.

"No it's not, because you brought the colour back in my world" Steve replied.


Olivia Coulson, agent Coulson's daughter. A level 6 SHIELD agent who has worked at the organisation for years. Olivia was raised by her father after her mother died when she was 5. Olivia is now 19 and works at SHIELD with her father and 'uncle' Nick. Olivia is the only gifted agent at SHIELD with the power to control the elements. When the Avengers are to be called what will happen when Nick Fury wants Olivia to join?
This is obviously a Steve Rogers fanfict so I hope all you captain america fans enjoy. Please let me know your feedback Megan x

If she is 5'6 and is 90 pounds she would be anorexic. I am 5'7 and I weigh 125. That is not healthy.
Existentia_Liv Existentia_Liv Oct 15, 2015
I mean no offense once so ever, but, there is now way a 5"6' person is 90 lb. I'm 5"4' and weigh 116, and I'm small! 
                              Other then that, THAT FILE IS DUCKING AWESOME BRO! :D
Has_VoldysNose Has_VoldysNose Sep 12, 2015
It's weird because I'm watching "I Didn't Do It" with Olivia holt! XD
m3m3ster m3m3ster Jul 30, 2015
My name is Olivia. I think of Phil as a father figure (Agents of SHIELD). And I love Steve. I think I'm gonna like this story
DerekHale_girl DerekHale_girl Jul 29, 2015
@High_Queen_Artemis I made it after coping an image from the captain america film x
ASillyGirlInAsgard ASillyGirlInAsgard Jul 28, 2015
90 pounds. that is anorexic weight. especially for a 5'6 girl. she should atleast be 125 or 130 pounds bc that is healthy and still super slimy floor a girl with that height.