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St. Salvatore's Academy for Boys I: Angelus [boyxboy]

St. Salvatore's Academy for Boys I: Angelus [boyxboy]

377K Reads 15.9K Votes 24 Part Story
Rotty By rotXinXpieces Completed

Matthew Hamilton is just your average rebellious teenager... until he finds himself sucked into the darker worlds of religion. Friends become enemies, enemies become allies, and even the ghosts of the past are beginning to resurface in hopes of stopping the apocalypse that is hot on everyone's heels. A portal to hell is opened... and all Hell is unleashed. [Warning: Contains graphic adult themes]

Ineedasunday Ineedasunday Nov 27, 2016
Reminds me of devil and realists an awesome anime that sadly has one season
PanicAtTheFallOut32 PanicAtTheFallOut32 Oct 22, 2016
John Egbert: ... I am not a homosexual
                              Me: *is currently in a John Egbert coaplay X3*
I literally love being so damn Catholic like it's so amazing to me
PandaQueen010203 PandaQueen010203 Aug 17, 2016
People talking about mice like their rats and I'm over hear 
                              With a rat the size of a kitten
                              Sitting on my garbage can outside rn
If he took that journal with him the creep is just gonna follow 😵😵
God I wish I never spoke, now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap