Will You Be My Dealer? (A Ronnie Radke Love Story)

Will You Be My Dealer? (A Ronnie Radke Love Story)

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Burt Macklin, F.B.I By Whoarxx Updated May 05, 2014

I would just like to start off saying, I do not hate Ronnie nor Max. 


I look in the mirror as I comb through my pitch black hair. I can't believe today I'm finally going to meet my idol. 

I step back and look at my 5"2 petite figure in my full length mirror. My shirt is black and has rips all over. Under the rips, it shows another shirt which is a light pink. I have ripped black skinny jeans covering my legs. My shoes are black and white high top converse. I guess I look good enough.

"Kat, get down here!!! We need to leave! NOW!" I hear my best friend Ally call.

"Coming!!" I yell as I fly down the stairs and accidentally run into an agitated Ally.

"Kathryn Amelia Jacobs!! I understand you want to look PERFECT, but did you really have to take so long? C'mon let's goooooo!"

 We run to the car and I tumble into the pas...

xXxSNICKERZxXx xXxSNICKERZxXx Jul 13, 2016
Why does this sound so familiar ahhh it's on the tip of my tongue
-rrowann -rrowann Jun 01, 2016
...he's a member of Falling in Reverse.
                              He was also a member of Escape The Fate.
                              (I legit had to Google him cuz I've only recently become a fan of Falling in Reverse.)
lollieta lollieta Aug 01, 2015
If that was me I'd die of happiness, then come back just to call Ronnie.
laartjepaardje laartjepaardje Apr 24, 2015
This is creapy, lishening that song right now on spotify. It's like they read your mind or something :O
MacKenziMcGlynn MacKenziMcGlynn Feb 02, 2014
:( he doesn't even drink anymore...I'm not hating but please, him being sober is pretty special to him
utsukushii2 utsukushii2 Mar 09, 2013
Aww man! Never listen to Hawthorne Heights during moments like this!!! It makes you cry! ;D