The Thousand-eyed Crow

The Thousand-eyed Crow

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Aerys By aerys_the_mad Completed

In the year 2147, when global warming has devastated the earth and the political economy has moved to a more centralized form of production, and when practicing religion is highly discouraged, twins Caoimhe and Kallias experience visions of what they can only identify as "the Thousand-eyed Crow". As they delve deeper into the mystery behind this being, they discover just how convoluted and terrifying the world beyond our own can be.

Winner of the Academy Award for the Horror/Paranormal category & 3rd Place Winner overall.
Winner of the Smart Award at the Kiss Awards 2019.
Second place winner of the Writer's Glory Award.
Second place winner of the Cupid Awards. 

NaNoWriMo for 2019.

Part of the E-Book Review's 2020 Reading Challenge  list :^)

Cover art by Gugus4682