Escape (Ziall Horlik)

Escape (Ziall Horlik)

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Alli & Kat By xXZiallsChildrenXx Completed

"Did you honestly think I would't find you, Blondie?" Zayn crossed his arms.

"Actually, I hoped you wouldn't.. But yeah somewhere in there." Niall says.

"Sassy, are we?" Zayn put on and amused smirk. "Zayn, you can't get away with it this time. I have friends. They'll report me-"
"But I texted them all. Saying you had to go see your mum in an institution." Zayn smirks.

"How long have you been watching me?!" 

"Long enough. Theres something you should know, Blondie," Zayn bends to Nialls ear,

"No escaping this time. Im your worst nightmare and your wildest dream."

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LongLiveNarry13 LongLiveNarry13 May 02, 2017
Alright, whats with Austin being in almost every 1D bxb story?
Stargazer58 Stargazer58 Dec 25, 2016
Everyone is like radioactive and I'm like Lucozade  "I don't breath that pollution" no? Ok bye
Enaxor1993 Enaxor1993 Sep 17, 2016
Ever got this feeling someone's in the backseat *frowny face*... Shît, wrong fandom xD
yanna_stories yanna_stories Feb 13, 2016
Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress staring at the Sun said babe. Red lips and rosy cheeks say you'll see me again. Even if its just in your wildest dreams.
Femniallqueen Femniallqueen Jun 28, 2016
Man at ten years old I didnt know cursive let alone what I liked 😐
wtfJulie_ wtfJulie_ Jan 12, 2016
Ohh shiit. Dunnnnnnn dunnn dunnnnn.   ... Zayn Malik has return...