Tania is the new girl at school, and she caught the attention of Simon. Unfortunately, every other guy is already calling dibs on her. Simon becomes more attracted to Tania, but he is unable to strike up a conversation with her.
    Determined to catch her eye, even though he knows she is out of his league, he asks his closest friend, Mark, for her number. Will he be able to claim Tania's heart?
    -=This book is a SHORT STORY of approximately 3500 words.=-
Yeah, I liked it. A really cute story. Even though the word count wasn't that high, it really made you care about the characters. Everyone should be able to put that much, into that little.
Oh wow this is amazing! Love it! But is there like, a second part to this or something? 'Cause if not, well that would suck. Lol =P