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Don't Tell Anyone

Don't Tell Anyone

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SweetDisposition18 By SweetDisposition18 Updated Feb 28, 2016

Alexander grabbed my hand and practically dragged me through the crowd, into a hallway and then opened a random door on his left, dragged me in and slammed the door shut, "What -" I was about to yell at him but his lips crashed onto mine and it made me fall back against the door he had just closed. His hands pressing my hips against the door and my arms on his chest, his lips against mine was perfect, he bit down on my lip and I pushed him off me so our nose barely touched and we tried to catch our breaths, "What was that for?" I asked.
	"To shut you up." He smiled and let go of me taking a few steps back. I still leaned against the door afraid if I tried to stand alone I'd crashed to the floor. 
	I crossed my arms and tired to look mad, I mean he did interrupt Darrell's little conversation with me. "What is so important that you had to pull me away from someone Professor?" I pursed my lips trying not to think how moments ago he had his soft lips on mine.
	"How's your paper going Madeline?" He asked looking thrown off his game, I let out a loud laugh.
	"You did not pull me away from a very sexy man to ask how my paper was going Mr. Daniels!" 

A story of how Madeline Winters is introduced to a new type of fun and runs into familiar faces.

DevineApionted DevineApionted 2 days ago
Where are the smooth transitions between the different scenes? It's like reading a paragraph with no punctuation. Really irritating and confusing
kookie_hyungwon kookie_hyungwon Mar 16, 2016
😂😂that literally killed me when he doesn't notice who it is
kookie_hyungwon kookie_hyungwon Mar 16, 2016
Kill me now oml just thinking about this (and why am I imagining jungkook or hyungwon doing this)
JelenaBieberGomez JelenaBieberGomez May 29, 2015
And a bad headache in the morning or probably meeting your teacher!