Distance // Jack Gilinsky

Distance // Jack Gilinsky

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Kenzie Love & Jack Gilinsky have been dating for months now. They love each other but is jealously & Leigh going to break there relationship apart?

But will one trip to California for the summer change everything? 

Read to find out!

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Niy92768 Niy92768 Aug 07, 2016
Jack: The day you install cameras to my body is the day I will follow these rules but… as of now I think I'm good😂😂😂
khloedashdoll khloedashdoll Jul 18, 2016
Is she complaining about being to tall for the guys? She wanna be one of those shortys? bitch please I'm 5'8 and still growing
Writers_Dream101 Writers_Dream101 May 15, 2016
Seperate beds my ass
                              Way to be a cock block mom
                              And we r already having sex like rn
                              U said we can't do that when the trip starts so....😂
amanderjpg amanderjpg Jan 20, 2016
listen to her earlier tbh, it was on Pandora I'm not gonna pass her up
_wanderless_ _wanderless_ Sep 07, 2015
I can only do wild life and wrong one. They're kinda easier for me. Johnson needs an award, he's sooo good
laurenmichellek laurenmichellek Aug 24, 2015
i legit dedicated my life to PLL,it's become an issue. No one understands my obsession