I'm A Walking Disaster (jalex)

I'm A Walking Disaster (jalex)

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"Sometimes people just can't be helped, some of us are meant to die, drop it" Jack spat at me, I flinched at his words but my determination was stronger. I can and I will help him, without help he will never get out of here..


After Alex Gaskarth was hospitalized for his third suicide attempt this year his parents decided that it would be best for him to spend some time in the Teen Psychiatric ward of Valley Springs Hospital. 
There he has to share a room with Jack Barakat, who was possibly the worst person to room with due to his attitude, but when Alex discovers more about Jack and why he was there he begins to feel different towards the boy he was told to stay away from. 
Will Jack accept Alex's help and encouragement? Or will he shut himself away from Alex and refuse anything to do with him?
Is what Alex feels towards Jack more than just the need to help him?
(Trigger Warnings will be listed on the first chapter)

levi_carton levi_carton Dec 16, 2016
                              (Note my sarcasm)
patty_hips patty_hips Mar 07, 2016
This is and always will be my fav Jalex, i've read it at least 10 times tbh @greenday182fob
greenday182fob greenday182fob Mar 07, 2016
I'm quite terrified to read because of this persons comments @Patty_Hips I don't want to cri
katbiersack124 katbiersack124 Nov 25, 2015
I like how it's like eating disorders and foods right under it
tinyhustler_atsix tinyhustler_atsix Jul 11, 2015
2nd time reading this now and I can guarantee I will cry as much as last time
ImSoBadlyBroken ImSoBadlyBroken Jun 16, 2015
i have  a feeling this is gonna be good lol but do you mind reading my Jalex Fanfic "Disconnet." It would mean a lot, plus it's not very long