Lost - A Hamilton Fanfiction (Book 1)

Lost - A Hamilton Fanfiction (Book 1)

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John Laurens is a young psychology student straight out of college. To make ends meet, he applies for a job that no one else wanted - to be a therapist at a mental asylum. He witnesses broken minds first hand, but one day, he has a patient who is ... different. What happens next turns his ordinary life upside down.

Book cover taken from Pinterest - I HAVE NO ART SKILLS AND I DID NOT DRAW IT

*Trigger Warnings: suicide, death, mental health*

Just a warning: though this is labeled as Lams, it does not contain much fluff, smut, etc. but just slight hints in the story. If you came here expecting fluffy Lams, then I'm sorry to disappoint. I do still hope that you'll give my book a chance!

One of my first Hamilton fanfics, I hope you like it!

Inspired by @SavageSunnyglasses 's book, Mental.

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Started on November 28th, 2019
Ended on January 18th, 2020