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Sadstuck idk

 I heard it. It was faint at first, but it got louder.

 I knew that our time was running out.


 "Equius? What was that? It sounded like Gamzee! We should go say hi!" Nepeta's innocent smile broke my heart as we crawled further through the vent space.

 "No, Nepeta, not this time. The highb100d has-" My words caught in my throat and I started to sweat. Again.

 "He does not wish to be disturbed at this moment."

 Nepeta looked at me with a strange look on her face. "So why are we cr33ping through these vents?"

 "There was something I wanted to show you..." 

 "HONK" That dreaded sound again.

 "Wow! He sure sounds like he's having a purfectly pawesome time!" Nepeta smiled to herself, probably considering more ships for her wall again. I just had to hold it together a little longer... Just long enough so that I could show her...

 "Through here," I pushed the grate covering the entrance to the room I had kept secret to this day, climbing down and picking ...