Fanfiction {luke hemmings}

Fanfiction {luke hemmings}

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In which a girl who writes a famous fanfic adored by the 5sos fam meets Luke Hemmings. But there are two problems about this. 

1. Luke Hemmings knows about the fanfic. 

2. It's inappropriate, and she can't let him know that she's the author of the fanfic that he finds disturbing.

Oh, and the fact they begin to fall for each other doesn't help either.

so i looked at the cast and i'm screaminG i WISH I WAS RHINE
bruh I literally started to choked on my spit omfg someone send help
Mackenzie Hemmings
                              Mackenzie Hood
                              Mackenzie Clifford
                              Mackenzie Irwin
HugMeh3186 HugMeh3186 May 04
Giulianna hemmings
                              Giulianna clifford
                              Giulianna irwin 
                              Giulianna hood
mellowluke mellowluke Jul 23
Kaya-Celeste Hemmings
                              Kaya-Celeste Clifford
                              Kaya-Celeste Hood
                              Kaya-Celeste Irwin
                              They all sound nice wth