A Game of Sacrifice

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Suzanne By meeko228 Completed
[Entered in the Atty Awards, 2012]  Chess is not only a game of strategy.  It is the game of life.
@meeko228 ur welcome ;D i just really love ur writing its perfectoo * in spanish i think :P * ^__^
@meeko228 ur welcome i just love ur writings they are perfectooo *in a spanish accent * ;)
WoW this should win in the wattys award its .... Dont know what to say ! ! Just loved it ^__^
@meeko228 Wow. This is...awesome! I can't really find a better description of it, so I'll stick with that generic term. I do feel kinda bad for always sacrificing my pawn in favor of a queen whenever I play Chess...I vow to treat you better, pawn!