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Free! x Reader Lemons

Free! x Reader Lemons

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densenpai By densenpai Updated Sep 14, 2014

Hello there guys, I am a huge fan of Free! and I really love Makoto <3 So, I decided to write some fanfiction ;) Being too perverted, I wanted to write some lemons for you ^^ 
Some stuff might be too hardcore and too 18+ ( idk sometimes it might even get 60+ i know i am really perverted) so yeah you have been warned ^^

I'm African-American :/ My breasts aren't pale. Oh well, I will continue reading
VampBae16 VampBae16 Nov 27, 2016
which ones Makoto again😅 it's been a while since I've watched the anime nya
Attackondil2 Attackondil2 Sep 01, 2016
That moment when you're Hispanic so you just have to go with the paleness even though you're the color of a potato
ChantelleeAlmadinn ChantelleeAlmadinn Oct 22, 2016
You need to connect with..
                              The internet
I thought that said itching your nipples I was like....That turns ppl on? -rereads- Oh okay, continue.^~^
Dectective_Alice Dectective_Alice Oct 31, 2016
*confuse noises*
                              What is happening. admin? Why are you making me read this?
                              ///to see you suffer, that's why-