His Rejection Killed (ON HOLD)

His Rejection Killed (ON HOLD)

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사랑해 By jelaa_ Updated Nov 21, 2017

"You beat me, humiliate me, psychically and emotional hurt me. But I somehow still love you. I love you and you don't. You hate me and I can't blame you." 

Life to Esther was a useless timeless waste of energy; her existence after all was unneeded. 

Life to Antonio was the greatest gift God could bestow upon a person; his existence was with purpose, nothing less expected from an alpha.

Their lives so different, yet so similar will come crushing down when the alpha discovers his broken human mate. 

who knew an alphas rejection could kill?

awesome cover by @Terrorstricken

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Sassico1313 Sassico1313 Nov 21, 2017
“I’m calling from the government.” To make it a bit more realistic, you should say social services. Though this isn’t exactly how it works regardless.
HaleyJohnson000 HaleyJohnson000 Jun 17, 2017
There's actually a school called Washington high school there's also Washington Jr high school they are connected but a door separates them and it's located in Washington Indiana Ik this bc I live there and I go to that school
Devlne Devlne Aug 15, 2017
Who'd pay to have that in the first place? (Stairs) I know we all have different taste and all but we also have other tastes that could've made this still unique yet less crazy
flourel flourel Sep 21, 2016
Bitch what 😂 at this point I don't even understand this story
amayasearcy amayasearcy Sep 26, 2016
I feel so stupid 😂😂😂 I thought the stairs were upsidedown
CeanaSteinbrecher CeanaSteinbrecher Jun 27, 2016
Sorry for the all caps but I haven't had a very good day and this is how I relieve my frustrations. Sorry