Good girls can have tattoo's too?

Good girls can have tattoo's too?

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Katie By Katieelouise Updated Dec 24, 2015

Can I see it again?" Reese asked hopeful as I just rolled my eyes "No" I stated before walking off into the school hallway but heard Reese's combat boots clomping against the floor behind me.

"Why?" he questioned as he fell in place beside me "Because your not important to me. You can only see it if your important to me.." I said in one big breath but he didn't get the picture as he gave me a confused look.

"Oh and guess what?" I said in fake cheerfulness "What?" he asked curious "Your not important to me..." I said before walking faster.


I was just a good girl in school who got bullied for liking to read... But I was no good girl.

I hated everything too do with that word. But I played along with there words and soon enough I became the freak off the school.

But what they didn't know is outside of the school gates I'm nothing but 'good'

One day changed my whole profile...

When I came running in school in nothing but my bra and pants not even realizing I forgot to get dressed. I gave people a front view off my black lacey bra and matching pants. I also gave everyone a full view of my tattoo's.

Since that day my life changed.

Students got curious. Secrets was let out. Lies got revealed. School got worse.

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-aexhaled -aexhaled Sep 06, 2017
I once forgot I was still in my pj shorts, but I had on my uniform shirt.
IzziesFizzieSoda IzziesFizzieSoda Jun 05, 2016
How do u forget clothes like you remembered to take off your pjs but not replace them
bookaholic1840 bookaholic1840 Mar 08, 2016
Ya thats totally 100% normal (pls note the friicken sarcasm!!!!! )
anti_human169 anti_human169 Jul 10, 2016
Her friend probably did something about it. Or she just has a bad memory in the morning.
angel_l_c angel_l_c Jul 14, 2016
I had to ask one of my guys friends for a hoodie cause it was long omg worst day of m life
MisterDamaged MisterDamaged Aug 23, 2016
Oh so you remember to put a bra and panties but not jeans and a shirt 😹