The Other Whittemore // Stiles Stilinski [Completed]

The Other Whittemore // Stiles Stilinski [Completed]

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"There is
      no place for
              on the

  Clarey Whittemore is the sarcastic, innocent, twin of Jackson Whittemore.

  Being a low key nerd, she is only friends with the people at the top of the "food chain".

  With that being said, she doesn't talk to Stiles Stilinksi, the boy that has always fascinated her.  

  This year she has a plan. Talk to Stiles Stilinksi.

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BlueJeepAnd67Impala BlueJeepAnd67Impala Aug 14, 2017
Me though I want to be a forensic anthropologist sooo dead bodies fascinate me
baudeIaires baudeIaires Aug 10, 2017
just imagine her tinder profile
                              (likes dead bodies and batman)
EllianaRay2 EllianaRay2 Jul 23, 2017
Yo... someone just died and she celebrates? What's up with this girl lol?
RebelCub RebelCub Aug 30, 2017
Notice me Clarey *im not referencing senpai so if you get this then you are my fav theatre geek friend*
Sired-To-Damon- Sired-To-Damon- Apr 22, 2017
Duh of course he is, if you don't think that you probably need glasses or new eyes 🙂
-acciolouis -acciolouis Jan 21, 2016
Mission: Talk to Amazeballs-hottest human in the world-Stiles is aborting .