The Other Whittemore [Completed]

The Other Whittemore [Completed]

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"There is
      no place for
              on the

  Clarey Whittemore is the sarcastic, innocent, twin of Jackson Whittemore.

  Being a low key nerd, she is only friends with the people at the top of the "food chain".

  With that being said, she doesn't talk to Stiles Stilinksi, the boy that has always fascinated her.  

  This year she has a plan. Talk to Stiles Stilinksi.

I loved Allison in season 1 and 2. But actually started to hate her in 3 :\
kaycakes_26 kaycakes_26 Sep 27
Me and my girls by 5th harmony 
                              It reminds me of alydiy 
                              I know horrible ship name 
                              Allison + Lydia + Clarey
I love clarey she's sop bubbly! R u hopefully going to make a sequel?
SCOTT MCCALL SITS ON A THRONE OF LIES!! (but seriously stydia!)
Me if I ever see a dead body
                              Friend: OH SHÏT IS A DEAD BODY!
                              Me: *stares at it* Coooooooool *after I'm done admiring it I start screaming and running for my life*
Stalking is when two people are having a romantic walk 
                              But only one of them knows about it...