The Mafia Boss's Perfect Pet MANXBOY

The Mafia Boss's Perfect Pet MANXBOY

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sarah By xxtriplemoonxx Updated Apr 05, 2015

I was born a slave. I was bought before I was even born. I have no last name, only a first and middle. I was designed to be a certain way; my genes, hair color, eye color, skin tone, voice, everything was picked for me. I was handpicked by one of the most powerful men in the world.

I am Devyn Alia. I am a slave. I am sixteen. I am innocent. I am perfection. These are the things I've known since birth.

Raid Leoline is my Master, he's also the boss of one of the strongest and most powerful Mafias in the world: The Leoline Mafia, although most people just call it The White Lion.

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He's a masochist. Sadists like to give people pain, masochists likes to receive pain.
You mean masochist, sadist get pleasure from watching and or causing people to be in pain.
1-800-savage-squad 1-800-savage-squad Oct 23, 2016
I'm just a sucker for pain🎶
                              That is me shiz😂
                              Off topic Ima go now😂😂😂✌️
crazybyotch crazybyotch Aug 19, 2014
Poor devie, but being perfect isn't always perfect I suppose, if that makes sense
lazyme01 lazyme01 Aug 02, 2014
devie worked so hard for u in a cute lil maid outfit how dare you not give him a butterfly kissy wth im screaming whyy must you hurt my favorite character s ??
lazyme01 lazyme01 Aug 02, 2014
yay another book! the whole setup and plot is great and I cant wait to read more ^^