Fuck Me Boss. (On HOLD)

Fuck Me Boss. (On HOLD)

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Rebal Child Is Who I Am. By RebalsChild_xx Updated Aug 19, 2014

"We can't do this," I gasp pushing him away from me. "Your my boss, this isn't right!"

"Don't fucking deny it, Danielle." he growls, pulling me back to him and pushing me against his desk so I'm in between the desk and his body, "You know you can't resist my touch." He places as scorching hot kiss under my ear.

"I-I- Oh!" I gasp, squeezing my eyes shut when he places his hand in between my legs and rubbing my core.

"I feel how wet you are for me, princess." He whispers darkly in my ear, "You like how I look at you, you like how I touch you, you like how I fuck you. Don't deny it, because you know its true."


    dr_penguinne dr_penguinne Jan 11, 2016
    So we're going to do this.........................................in an elevator?!
    dominantsaremytype dominantsaremytype Dec 31, 2015
    Mrs?she married?cuz tz kinda confusing.....jx putting of out there
    Emily-Herondale Emily-Herondale Jan 15, 2015
    Honestly, anything larger than 7 inches scares me. I mean 10 seems like it could seriously hurt me...amiright?
    Lily_Grant93 Lily_Grant93 Dec 24, 2014
    well at least she knows she'll be very active in work now! :D
    MariaCook MariaCook Nov 22, 2014
    Amazing writing so far, this is deff going into my library, update soon!
    kimberly63565 kimberly63565 Aug 05, 2014
    I absolutely loved the one shot it was great and well written