Two Sided ||Frank Iero||

Two Sided ||Frank Iero||

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I'm not the reason that you're insane. By lydiaChemicalromance Updated May 28, 2016

Iris-Raine McKay never thought that she could be related to the Way brothers. She never thought she could be the daughter of Gerard Way. 

When Iris' mom doesn't think she can take care of her anymore, she gets sent off to Gerard where she meets new friends, her uncle Mikey, and Frank Iero. First, Frank and Iris don't seem to get along, however as time goes on it turns to something more. Love. Instantly, they take a liking to each other and get closer as time goes on, spending time together behind Gerard's back.
Life as Gerard's daughter was perfection, however in a life where you like your dad's best friend - anything could happen.

With Iris and Frank's dirty little secret, how long is it until My Chemical Romance find out about them and  what would happen to them?

When asked who does that I immediately thought of ashley purfy
emo__daddy__420 emo__daddy__420 Jul 07, 2016
I got two of my siblings, one of my friends, and my dad into MCR, BVB, and SWS
PansyXOXO PansyXOXO Jul 11, 2016
Your just a whore your nothing more! Sorry I saw that last bit
ThisUserIsNotFound ThisUserIsNotFound Aug 09, 2016
For you first fanfiction this is Really good. Keep up the good work
emo__daddy__420 emo__daddy__420 Jul 07, 2016
Everyone who says they hate Frank is a liar. Frank is the best. Even the straightest of men would probably go gay for Frank Almighty.
xXxSavvyxXx xXxSavvyxXx Oct 31, 2016
"You're just another average fangirl, who has a major crush on the guitarist Frank Iero. Nothing more" saaaame ;-;