World Eater

World Eater

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Elly West By EllyWest Updated Aug 01, 2014

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Prologue: We'll Do It to Torment Them

The sky was dark above the Eugenia colony on Terra, a smattering of stars littering the swath of black canvas like sand on satin. The glass dome ceiling of the consulate building permitted a panoramic view of the universe, or so it seemed. It was a tall sliver in the middle of the colony-a panopticon which allowed the powers that be to look out on the numerous colonists who milled about the utopic city.

Tall ivory spires topped towering buildings, but none quite reached the height of the panopticon. Buildings were garnished with uplighting, porticos and pillars. The capitals atop the pillars were carved with a white-gold stone which let off a soft glow in the sleeping city. Ivory-colored sentinels roved through the mostly-empty streets, keeping the peace and ensuring the colony continued to functi...

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