That Game // Niall Horan Frat Boy //

That Game // Niall Horan Frat Boy //

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His breathe fanned over my face making shivers go down my back. Our faces so close with one sudden movement we'll be kissing.
"Let's make a bet, princess, whoever falls first and shows it with a kiss loses. If I win this I get you. " He whispered.
"And if I win, I can be free," I smirked at him. "Oh Horan, you're in for a big ride." I retorted. 

Bella has a problems and Niall Horan has now been added to the list. But is Niall really a problem? With their bet she will be sure to find out but will her past haunt her?

This is That Game

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Ymico_ Ymico_ Oct 07, 2017
Jade Thirwall I'm freaking out ajhhhhhfcb fgivfn but fb b FM gc sB g bjcfgjjbbbh. Hajj!
- - Mar 16, 2016
Literally thought the blonde one that said food was going to be niall. Love Luke tho too.
maryanehoran maryanehoran Oct 06, 2014
I'll think about it and I'll let you know when I have a GOOD idea (my ideas are usually not good ) :')
_IceCold_ _IceCold_ Oct 05, 2014
@maryanehoran Thanks! if you have any ideas for the future let me know!
maryanehoran maryanehoran Sep 11, 2014
I don't know why I'm the first comment here because I think your story is great so far! :)