The Cage Fighter And Mr. Perfect

The Cage Fighter And Mr. Perfect

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Jillian By blueyez Updated Jun 03, 2017

Hey this is my first time writing on wattpad and i just want to see what people think. Or if people even read this soo... Read on :)

~Kim's POV~

I quickly ducked to the right to miss this punk's feeble attempt at a punch. The crowd starts shouting at me "what are you waiting for come on!", "hurry up!". I could have knocked this guy out ten mintues ago. He was cute though i bet his girlfriend wou-- my mind shut up as I felt his fists hit my ribs over and over. This asshole was asking for it so he would get it. 

I pushed him away and started to him. My fists held up incase he swung for my face, the only place i need to protect from bruising so my family doesn't find out about these fights. I swung with my right at his face and felt the connection, then with my left to his ribs. One, two, three times, Hector seen the fight would soon be over and started to get our friends together. As he fell to the ground I straddled him and started punching his face again. This is what he gets for hi...