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My Hot Professor ✓ {EDITING}

My Hot Professor ✓ {EDITING}

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_Nouis_Lilo_Shipper_ By Liampaynefanforlife Updated Jan 02, 2016

"This is so inappropriate" I breathe as he continues to lightly kiss my neck.
"You drive me crazy" he mumbles making me shiver. I try to get him of me but he pins my hands to the desk. "I can't help myself Ms. Hartman" he says as he ghosts his lips over mine.
"W-we shouldn't d-do this" I stutter.
"I'll do anything to get you to kiss me" he breathes onto my lips.
"Maybe I don't want to kiss you" I say.
"You do. I know you do" he mumbles.
"S-stop, I-we can't do this" I say finally being able to push him of off me, "Why won't you stop?" I ask.
"I'll stop when you stop fighting me" 
Danielle Hartman is a 20 year old college student. She lives with her best guy friend Lucas Hale, also a college student. She is the goodie-two-shoes of the school, when people go out to party, Danni studies; she never does anything risky or inappropriate. When she meets her history teacher, he is immediately infatuated with her, he feels the need to know more. But in this quest of knowledge, things happen that neither can turn back from, things start and things end.
Danni fights back her feelings because it's wrong, after all she's never done anything like this. What happens when one throws away morals for love, while the other wants to stick to the books-literally?
So, this is my second attempt at a non-fanfiction, go easy on me and I hope you enjoy! I'll be posting this story after I'm done writing it but I wanted to at least get ready to post it :)

_ak_4_manu_ _ak_4_manu_ Jun 13, 2016
I already love the fact that Alex Pettyfer is in this book I love him, so deceased rn!!!!!
Brooke-worm Brooke-worm Jan 20, 2016
Josh hutcherson is Lucas maaaan I was hoping he was the teacher
anglenaja20 anglenaja20 Nov 11, 2015
Old version was great .. And for sure the old one will be most greatest
MyFriendOfMisery MyFriendOfMisery Oct 21, 2015
This is really good, keep practicing. I too am attempting my first fictitious novel and I understand how hard and repetitive it gets sometimes :)
Larrybabiesaf Larrybabiesaf Aug 18, 2015
khyah01 khyah01 Jun 20, 2015
i like quiffs on white guys but he's eh not omg but thts just me i like his personality tho