I Want To Watch You Die

I Want To Watch You Die

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Aaron By Aaronix Updated Aug 01, 2014

I liked you.
You were my friend.
But, I don't care.
I want to watch you die.

I want to see you trapped,
trapped in an airless bunker.
No windows to peek.
No doors to open.
No one to die with.
I want to watch you die.
I wanna hear your breath slowly dissipate into silence as it tries to reach your lungs but it can't.
It couldn't.
All you can hear is the silence of your death and the realisation that you'll die alone.
No one is gonna help you.
You'll die.
Yet, I'm watching you.

I want to chain you in a bed,
and watch you die.
Chain your limbs tightly that blood won't be able to reach.
I wanna soak a cloth in acid and stuff it inside your mouth.
I shall watch your tongue and teeth melt with the acid's putrid aroma. I shall watch the skin of your throat dissolve into green liquid as you try to breath the inevitable.
I wanna stick needles in your eyes. I shall watch you tear blood. I shall love the sound of your screams. 
I wanna nail your hands in your own chest.
I want you to fee...

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