Secrets (WIP)

Secrets (WIP)

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Diane By Diane_Star16 Updated Aug 03, 2013

What is normal? Webster's dictionary suggests that normal means to conform to a "particular standard" or "desired pattern." 
To live simply, we must make a conscious choice to embrace "voluntary simplicity." Essentially, we are free to choose how to simplify our lives. Some things we must consider include developing a work-life balance, embracing the good life, living mindfully, savoring the moment, spending quality time, and slowing down. Whatever we choose, the decisions ought to result in improving our well-being and peace of mind.

Mia Abernathy was 18 at the time her fate was altered. A simple thing as straying from a path is what trigger the hands of Fate to destroy any ideal of a "normal" life. When there only seems to be only secrets and lies surrounding her would she be able to figured out the truth? Would fate be kind and allow her freedom? Fate is not on her side neither are the people to be trusted. Secrets would confused you, intrigued you and leave you hanging every new page

Are you willing to join her? 

*written in 3rd person*

Note: Story is undergoing a bit of fixing and rewriting. Chapters would be mark as unedited as I go rewriting the story. Continue reading with caution it might change.

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