The Hunt for Cupid [BoyxBoy]

The Hunt for Cupid [BoyxBoy]

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All is Full of Love By makomano Completed

Meet Cupid. Despite what his name suggests, he's unlucky in love.

Enter Samuel. He's recently come out and his parents don't understand how to deal with him, so they send him to live with his gay cousin, Adam, in New York.

Samuel didn't expect to meet the love of his life so early. He also didn't expect to fight and force the love of his life to love him. 

Who can pass up a good fight?

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Four year's.......four years.......FOUR FLIPPING YEARS AND YOU THINK IMMA JUST WALK OUT WITH OUT SLAPPING THE COLOR OF YOUR FACE. if your chocolate you will be white chocolate and if your white chocolate you will be paler than Bella from twilight
moonlight8a moonlight8a Jan 01
This line sums up my entire love life.... im not upset about it..... *cries eyes out*
NhandiApplewhite NhandiApplewhite Jul 22, 2016
I think everyone would feel better if someone was just straight up blunt and honest with people when breaking up
angeleyesgrn angeleyesgrn Aug 01, 2015
translation: I never really loved you, and I'm too much of a slut to settle down and treat you right.
LadyDrak1075 LadyDrak1075 Jul 08, 2015
Oh How Interesting.............His name is CUPID!!!!! This is going to be cool I think!!
Mr_Mrs_Bunny Mr_Mrs_Bunny Nov 30, 2014
I wonder if it would hurt more if some one said "it's not me, it's you. Honestly it's you, trust me this is all you." Probably depending on the person