Two Mates ?

Two Mates ?

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Summer Break! Goodbye Highschool and Hello Drunk Nights and Party Time ! 

Leila was a average high school girl. Cheerleading , dating , heartbreak. Sounds like any highschool girls life huh. Well....No.

Leila is also a werewolf that came from a long line of pureblood werewolfs. Being a wolf ment having the extra good looks ,faster reflexes, having a inner wolf that you can shift into and guide you, better at hearing smelling tasting. Sounds like a dream? But every dream has a ending. Sorta like every wolf has a mate. A other part of you they say. Until the day you die that person will care and love you. What happens if you have 2?

Ántonio and  Ángelo are fraternal twins. Ever since their birth theyv'e always stuck by each other. They went to school together, worked together they were unseprable. They knew they were wolfs ever since their turning. But they knew a day would come that when they found their mate it was time to split up. Being twins they have the same conection or bond to their mate.

the end only one can be happy or will fate have another plan?

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thank you so much a poet so its easy but thanks again enjoy the story im updating today xD