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Sonic x Reader

Sonic x Reader

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Ayame Fugiwara By _AyameFugiwara_ Updated Nov 21, 2015

Could Sonic take (Y/N)'s heart? Could Sonic fall in love with you? Could you fall INLOVE with Sonic? How can Sonic show his true feelings for you? Find out in Sonic x Reader!!

Okay guys here are the characters
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Shadow the Hedgehog
-Silver the Hedgehog
-Tails the Fox
-Knuckles the Echidna
-Rouge the Bat 
-Cream the Rabbit
-Cheese the ???
-Blaze The Cat
-(Y/N) (A) (You or reader)
-Angel Nightmare the Hedgehog (me)
-Rennea Skywalker the Hedgehog (Mariccris Villegas or bestfriend)
-Skyler Beam The hedgehog (Miguel Keno Navarro or bestfriend)
-Glaze the cat (Mikaela Lampa or bestfriend)

Prism113 Prism113 Jun 15
Tougher than Knuckles 
                              I don't chuckle 
                              How about some Knuckles
I'm an Exprk At Reading I Hohoho*COUGH* sorry I had something in my throat but I was gonna say I love Santa 😃
pissns pissns 5 days ago
Everyone here wants to be a cat or wolf and I just want to be a dog with floppy ears
Lemonssugar Lemonssugar May 25
                              •Fur and Hair - Black. 
                              •Eyes -  Silver [Left], Royal Blue [Right]. 
                              •Skin - Idk, skin colour I guess. 😂 
                              •Wings - Slivery White. (My dream is coming true Kittens shall flyyyyyy. •^•)
Sadly for me I can't eat apples or it will break my brackets in my braces
ShinyStar3697 ShinyStar3697 4 days ago
Is eggman the evil version of santa,because he sounds like it