Microwaved Love

Microwaved Love

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nikki By starlestic Updated Mar 26, 2017


"You Sage, are just like this piece of popcorn." he says as he gestures towards the piece he is holding, the piece which just fell from my pathetic attempt at throwing it up and catching it in my mouth. 

He smirks. It is that stupid 'I'm sexy and I know it' smirk again, which immediately makes me suspicious.

"What do you mean?"

"You're already falling for me."

Sage Winters is as average as girls get. With typical grades, looks and friends, and a bit of a stubborn streak, there's nothing special about her which would make her face stand out in the whole sea of ditzy females in their small town. But when she meets the smooth, heartbreaker Seth Marshall, the unthinkable happens. He takes an interest in her. 

He is the sinfully gorgeous guy that every girl secretly dreams about. He's overly possessive and has an ego the size of China, and she's just that girl that everyone's eyes skip over. The one who keeps her head down and sits in the back corner of every classroom, wrapped in her own veil of awkwardness.

So why does Seth start to love the way her eyes light up whenever she smiles, or the way her cheeks flush an adorable pink whenever he says anything that could be called a mild version of a sexual innuendo? Why does he start to worry about her, to care about her, and why would he ever find an addiction in the feel of her lips against his?

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currentlyapotato currentlyapotato Jul 10, 2017
You cant boost his ego. His ego is wayyyyy too high to be boosted.
Halofromthedarkside Halofromthedarkside Oct 30, 2017
No, it means that they're only beginning their journey an are yet to get the flavour of life.
fuckyaachickenstrips fuckyaachickenstrips Dec 26, 2017
oml I’m in india and I’m in some office thing waiting for someone idk and I literally just shut my phone, dropped it ( my brother got mad at me oops) and then proceeded to take a handful of both of my cheeks and move them around and stare at a woman’s head I THINK IM WEIRD
zuhamehtab zuhamehtab Oct 22, 2017
just....no....just no. its a movie theater, not a café. the kid is right.
BlackPaperclip BlackPaperclip Aug 01, 2017
That moment when you call everyone by their name and then poo just to annoy them. And then you see it in a book. 😅
TheFallenPuppy TheFallenPuppy Mar 18, 2017
Everyone is like,'Deep...' while my friend is laughing at 'cute little popping noises.' And I am yet to get that :3