No Boys Allowed

No Boys Allowed

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E. R. M. By blondechick123 Updated 21 hours ago

"This is your fault! I should've never left! I should've been here!" I scream at him, throwing pathetic punches at his chest. His cool storm filled eyes don't express any hurt at my hate-filled words, only heartbreak as he watches me break down in front of him. He reaches out for me and holds me tight against him as I thrash around. "I hate you!" I cry out. 

"I know." 

Lori Daniels doesn't know how to deal with the opposite sex too well. Her trust is hanging on by a single thread. Dealing with losses and bottling everything up is all she knows how to do. 

She has a no boys allowed rule. No boys are allowed into her room, her house, her thoughts, but most importantly no boys are allowed to have her heart. 

When Lucas Barker moves in across the street and starts invading her life, she makes an exception. He is allowed to visit her at her window. 

When Lori finds herself spending more time with Lucas unintentionally, she starts to wonder if maybe the rules she's set up are too harsh. She starts trusting him even though it scares the hell out of her. Especially when trusting him means agreeing to the dangerous life style he lives. 

As Lori and Lucas figure out how to deal with the disasters of their lives, will she continue to fight off whatever she's feeling and keep her secrets, desires, and wants to herself or will she finally let go of her no boys rule?

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