Feelings Incarnate | ✓

Feelings Incarnate | ✓

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Kiara always had her focus set on her studies and being the perfect daughter for her strict mother, but when she meets Hayden, she feels like it's finally time to step out of her mother's restrictions. However, not abiding by the rules might sometimes have consequences...


Relationships never interested Kiara Franklin. And as her austere mother had always implanted in her mind: 'Relationships only distract you'. Embarking on college life, all Kiara ever wanted was to get her Psychology degree and provide her parents with the luxury they deserve. Being teamed up for an assignment with Hayden Donovan, the impertinent boy whose only aim seems to annoy her, isn't part of the plan. Falling for him isn't what she expected either.

Will she be able to deal with the consequences of letting her feelings take control... especially when Hayden will be the reason she ends up unconscious for over a month?