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World's Devil- Naruto fanfic

World's Devil- Naruto fanfic

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純 By Kuroyama Updated Jan 31

Her whole world changed in a matter of seconds: Korosu joined the Akatsuki.

Three years later, Korosu Akuma is a dangerous beauty. 

She still isn't saved. 

She's sixteen and that means the Devil is coming for her- and Matsu still hasn't shown up. Not only that, but a simple mission from Pein-sama- one that should have been an easy mission -leaves Korosu with more questions than answers and more confused ... 

And, to top it off, with everything else going on, Korosu seems to be falling for the silent Uchiha who's always by her side. 

Could he be the one to free her from the Devil? Or, will the mysterious Matsu actually come in to play? Or, will that very Devil that cursed her be the one to set her free? 


(I don't own Naruto or its characters- except my own -Naruto belongs to its creator)

Kyuubichan662 Kyuubichan662 Oct 05, 2016
Nope but you can be sushi! *picks up knife* c'mere Kisame!!!
Jewjewbunny Jewjewbunny Nov 07, 2016
                              But you can be shark fin soup!
                              *Picks up various  weapons to kill Kisame*
TsukiyamaWantsDatAss TsukiyamaWantsDatAss Jul 02, 2016
Ah, not to be rude or anything, but the correct spelling is 'Hidan'
Haru2468 Haru2468 Aug 27, 2015
Honesty she does not sound as strong as I was hoping for isn't she suppose to be like demon strong?
Wings_Of_Fire_3 Wings_Of_Fire_3 Nov 05, 2014
..........Doesn't Tobi come as Sasori's replacement when he dies? Or is this an AU where Sasori is alive during the time Tobi is there? .......I'm just gonna keep reading now......
Singermay21 Singermay21 Sep 28, 2014
Aw. That was amazing!I loved the relationship between her and Itachi! Her and Kisame are really funny together. Keep up the good work!