The Badboy Stole My Sister

The Badboy Stole My Sister

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DuskToDawn1 By DuskToDawn1 Updated Jul 14, 2016


Warning: Very cliche, lots of profanity and contains some sexual content. *Read At Your Own Risk*

Meet 16 year old Delany Crimson, the blue-eyed beauty who would rather curl up and read a book or hang out with friends then go to some lame party to smoke, hook up with guys who won't remember your name the next day, and drink alcohol. 

Now meet 17 year old Damon Parkers, the washed up player who is one of those guys who will hook up with you at some lame party, but not even bother to remember your name the next day.  

With Parkers going to Hollister High School and Crimson going to Abery High School, the teens have never heard of each others names before, which is quite okay considering the fact that they are complete  opposites. 

Other than the fact that they both have younger siblings to love and take care of.

Now what happens when Damon and Delany bring their younger siblings to the park, only to find out that they took the wrong... 

Well, you would have to read the story to find out.

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