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The Lost Wolf (boyxboy)

The Lost Wolf (boyxboy)

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twluvrrrr133 By twluvrrrr133 Completed

Paxton Knight has a relatively normal life, you know, besides being a werewolf, the alpha's son in particular. He is planning to take his position as alpha on his eighteenth birthday but needs his mate, a luna, first. When he finally meets his mate, he finds there are two major problems. His mate is a human and a BOY! Kayden Mitchell is a junior and a selective mute. He has a dark past and let's no one get close to him, except maybe Paxton? The moment he sees Paxton in school, Kayden's life is flipped upside down. What will happen when Kayden and Paxton's worlds collide? Find out in The Lost Wolf.

Then what the heck are you waiting for? BASH HIM IN THE FACE TO SAVE CAROLINE!!!
I don't use alarms the sun wakes me up ☺
                              *lies* my sister or bother jumps on my bed and tell me to wake up and push me out of bed
Your science teacher is wrong.
                              "laugh in a breathy, gleeful way; chuckle"
Total_G33k Total_G33k Mar 29
Omg he's a GENIUS
                              He OBVIOUSLY knows that a must can't/won't be talking back! Absolute genius 👏👏
fanboiii01 fanboiii01 Apr 05
It's like we're in a corner and when somebody mentions something from spn we are like BOOM IN YO FACE
KeaWallace KeaWallace Apr 04
*peeks head around corner* did someone say chevy impala?????