Simply Sinful (Boyxboy)

Simply Sinful (Boyxboy)

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Nicca Aisling has a complicated life. He's never lived anywhere for longer than a few months. He has his mother and her philandering ways to thank for that. Nova Aisling has made it her lifelong goal to find true love even if it's at the expense of another person's marriage. When one relationship ends, a new one starts the next week. Nicca, use to this by now expects that this new move will be no different from any of the others. 

From the moment, he meets his mother's new boyfriend everything changes. Nicca can tell that he may be stuck in San Diego for the long haul. Just as Nicca starts to make friends enter Gianluca, head of the Antonucci family. His affection for Nicca is becoming obsessive and deadly. Nicca doesn't quite know how to say no to Gianluca. 

What's Nicca to do when his decisions have deadly consequences?

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le_emo_meme_exe le_emo_meme_exe May 27, 2017
Ugh, the struggles, my name is a boy's name but with an r at the start of it and when I say my name too fast people are like "but that's a boy's name?"
Waste_- Waste_- Apr 12, 2016
Is it weird that he has the same motto as me.. o,o " Stop being a chicken and just get it over with."
Waste_- Waste_- Apr 12, 2016
What this random guy just waltzed into his life and bought a house and a art studio to Nicca.. 
                              I would've freaked out
Waste_- Waste_- Apr 12, 2016
Can totally relate cause my mom somehow resembles this woman. Just add in a a Tv with karaoke and her holding a mic and boom there she is singing, ( more like screaming in my opinion) and dancing around forcing me and my siblings to dance along with her. What can I say.. *sigh*
Waste_- Waste_- Apr 12, 2016
HAHAH well that sounds great doesn't it
                              and Nova or whatever the moms name is, Would I believe that?
InvalidLifesource InvalidLifesource Feb 12, 2017
Am i the only one who legit thought he grabbed his dick, when he " stuck his hand in his jeans"