Bad boy~ Luke Hemmings AU

Bad boy~ Luke Hemmings AU

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This is the story of a bad boy.

His name is Luke Hemmings, he used to be a sweet, happy, caring kid but after something horrible happened his life turned.

Now everyone is scared of him, everyone who annoys him gets a beating, every school assignment gets tossed in the bin, every tattoo and piercing has a meaning to him.

He has some dark secrets behind his walls but when a new student, Taylor Clarkson joins the school can she break his walls and find out about the real bad boy.

Luke's in a dark place but can he be rescued?

Every secret has it's meanings.

He has no socks seeing as he rocked out with his socks out already. Hehe
Liz I can't believe you're lying rn! We all know Luke's face isn't ugly
Taytay00 Taytay00 Jun 22
Actually it's Taylor culler pronounced color and replace the r with an n its cullen like in twilight and blue or green eyes depends on the day 😉
Taytay00 Taytay00 Jun 22
I swear this book is about me I know a lot of people with the last name may
- - Apr 29
He's not very bad if he doesn't swallow if you know what I mean c; c;