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Olobersyko By Harry_styles911 Completed

"You are a monster." She whispered.

"We are all monsters but I rather let mine free than rot in here"

From having fun with friends to a begging of a new nightmare where the disturbed creatures live.

I literally just remembered something that happened at school yesterday.
                              So the day before, a boy was screaming," I AM SATAN"
                              so I brought a bible and vegetable oil to school and threw the oil on him And screamed, "GET BEHIND ME SATAN IN THE NAME OF JESUS" 
JesusOG JesusOG Jul 10
okay I'm reading that sentence in KSI's voice every time I'm having breathing problems 😂
Kasey613 Kasey613 May 28
Is her name Georgia Rose? Was her daddy a dentist? Lol. I'm sorry I had to ask that lol
aunnizombie aunnizombie Jul 28
Oh but uh, yeah- I'm free at the moment, so uh take me instead. :)
xoxocaitlin xoxocaitlin Jul 23
PSA!!!! do not buy the ouija board its a waste of money it literally doesnt work. i played it in my house which is SOOOO haunted fr and nothing happened and the game was like 30 dollars so its a ripoff
Sweatheart 😂
                              Sorry I should not be laughing I got 70 in spelling