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Olobersyko By Harry_styles911 Completed

"You are a monster." She whispered.

"We are all monsters but I rather let mine free than rot in here"

From having fun with friends to a begging of a new nightmare where the disturbed creatures live.

He's not technically wrong. Demons can't touch you up to a certain point....
I would have been like really nigga boo is the best u got u supposed to have me shitting bricks, let's start this over
This is why you don't mess around with this shít. Nothing good ever comes out
Yes he's leaving and now she will get haunted by my beloved Harry!♡♡♡♡♡
Heyyyyy so far this book is great!!! I hope the rest of it is as well!
I'm obsessed and fascinated with ghost, creepy or scary things.