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Demigods at Hogwarts (under editing)

Demigods at Hogwarts (under editing)

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It's Complicated By NotSoComplicated Updated Mar 01, 2015

Harry Potter is used to being the Hero of his world. He and every other wizard believes he is the destined savior of the world. Now that wizard world knows Voldemort is back Harry is going to need protection.

Percy Jackson has finally defeated Gaea and saved the world yet again and thinks things will start to calm down. Unfortunately for him, he is that protection.

Except he can't do it alone. He is going to need the help of six certain people. 

Worlds collide in Demigods at Hogwarts.

(Guys I suck at summaries. I swear the book is better.)

He murdered Percy's pillow pet! I don't care if Gaea was controlling him!
Newa_Chan Newa_Chan a day ago
Right Sign: Path to a Semi-(Demi)-Life
                              Left Sign: No Mercy
                              *Right sign turns left and vise versa*
-PenguinMe- -PenguinMe- Mar 24
I think we all have a lot to work on, some less than others. I think you have done beautifully with this so far.
                              Octavian murdered Percy's pillow pet!
                              Percy was fond of that pillow pet!
Wtff that monster killed a pillow pet!!!!!! He deserved to be blasted
SuperOwLover SuperOwLover 5 days ago
DEFINITELY didn't see that coming. It just walked around the corner and we both fell down.