Demigods at Hogwarts (under editing)

Demigods at Hogwarts (under editing)

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It's Complicated By NotSoComplicated Updated Mar 01, 2015

Harry Potter is used to being the Hero of his world. He and every other wizard believes he is the destined savior of the world. Now that wizard world knows Voldemort is back Harry is going to need protection.

Percy Jackson has finally defeated Gaea and saved the world yet again and thinks things will start to calm down. Unfortunately for him, he is that protection.

Except he can't do it alone. He is going to need the help of six certain people. 

Worlds collide in Demigods at Hogwarts.

(Guys I suck at summaries. I swear the book is better.)

Actually that line meant, to Roman or Greek Gaea must fall. Because a certain God in Roman is a storm god while in Greek he's a fire god, and in Mark of Athena he said, "when the time comes, to storm or fire, remember me." I don try remember the god's name though.
I havnt read the pj hoO in a while because I don't own them but from what I remember he was a mega asswhole
OR IS IT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
You forgot the part were athena threatened to have owls cut of is balls if he hurt anabeth
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I still don't trust him around pandy!
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Yeah fuckin right..........
                              Octagon is and will always be the bane of my life.