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Sam The Shapeshifter By SamanthaGettys Completed

Anada's life changed the night she went for a swim, unauthorized. During that swim she had an accident, and the next day she woke to find she no longer was the same. Anada had become a dragon, but she still could change back to a human at will. 
It now has been a year since she became a dragon shapeshifter. Anada expects to just live her life separate from humans, but a strange encounter with a group of people changes her life more than she ever thought. Her life was quiet and undisturbed, but she never would have guessed how her life was about to transform even more.

(Author's Note: The story gets better as it goes! The chapters are currently being edited. Please don't be shocked by any contrasting details... Thank You!)

Jeff5192 Jeff5192 Apr 16
When I read this at first I thought he was saying that 'Western sharks' don't have class but other sharks do. It took me three times of rereading this book to understand. The whole time I thought he was just being stupid and making a joke not referring to the person. Lol
starfrost26 starfrost26 Mar 31
I have db hair and hazel eyes (blue and green changing eyes)
Nyrala Nyrala Aug 21, 2016
Whenever someone says that, you gotta say, but satisfaction brought it back!
Nyrala Nyrala Aug 21, 2016
*I, not I'm. (Im gonna point the mistakes you make as I go though. Hope it helps)
Lol sorry to burst your bubble Anada but you will be going in a lab in the future XD
                              (I've read all the books and I'm re-reading them because they are so awesome)
humbleauthor humbleauthor Nov 18, 2015
Interesting story you've got here. I like your first person present POV. A few misused words and a bit vague for an origin story, but I'm a hypocritical stickler about stuff like that.