Ouran High School Host Club [RP]

Ouran High School Host Club [RP]

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Myra & Avanthe By AllBeautyDestroyed Updated Dec 11, 2016

Being given a special scholarship to the elite school Ouran high school for your smarts and talent in arts, you make use of it. When you arrive at the school, everyone thinks you're the opposite gender. You might as well give them what they all see, a boy! However one club slowly finds out your secret and vows to keep it a secret. What will happen when you start to develop feelings towards one of the other guys? Will they like you back?

Reader X Host Club. 

[Name] = Your female name
[M! Name] = Your Male name (Of course unless your OC's name is Unisex, then that's fine too! Just say your name. XD)

KasMichaelis KasMichaelis Dec 25, 2016
I read that as one of those old telephones that have 2 sides and suddenly anime confetti comes out of either side and drenched her.
dessydc dessydc Dec 14, 2016
She's right. Fighting is also a type of are, to really fight you need to move you're body mind and soul all at once and in sink(sorry don't know how to spell it.).
D33bird D33bird Jul 24, 2016
I find it weird how the last name in my head was Rose and her first name was rose (I gess my mum in this is now called Rose Rose lol)😁😂
KasMichaelis KasMichaelis Dec 25, 2016
I love how everyone says this is kinky but I'm just here like, "There is supposed to be a pause before her says daddy..."
dessydc dessydc Dec 14, 2016
That's already a problem with me. I can't smIle for to long or my cheeks will hurt to much
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